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Every business we deal with is different so our charges are highly variable depending on your needs. Please use the information below as a guide only. The best way to find out exactly what our charges will be is with a for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION chat about how we can help your business and take the stress out of your tax returns.

For more complex self assessment tax returns please contact us so we can provide an estimated cost based on the actual work involved.

Small Sole Trader from £180 per year

An example of this may be a Sole Trader with a small trade who can supply all records of sales and purchases and uses a business bank account. This business would provide good records of all cash received and spent that has not involved the bank account.

This package may suit a general tradesperson such as a plumber, carpenter, electrician who is involved in domestic work and small contracts or a small hairdresser, or car repair business with no employees, trading under the VAT limit (£81k). Accounts for this type of business would be a job that is undertaken once a year.

Small to Medium Sole Trader or Partnership from £295

This would be the accounting package for a small to medium sized sole trader – with straightforward trade who can supply all records of sales and purchases, and uses a business bank account with records of all cash received and spent on business that has not involved the bank account.

This business may also use things like credit cards, credit accounts, and offer credit to their customers. This would be a more complex business which may employ staff.

Examples may include a hairdressing salon, small café or shop or a professional consultant such as an architect trading above £81k, but preparing their own VAT returns. This business would prepare their own bookkeeping records and provide us annually with a balanced set of “books” which would include detailed quarterly VAT analysis and a reconciled VAT account.

Small Limited Company from £450

Small Limited Company accounts are far more complex to prepare as they must be prepared in a particular way and also must be submitted to HMRC in iXBRL format. In order to do this work we must purchase and maintain relevant software so as a business ourselves we must pass on those costs.

Prices for Ltd Co accounts for the types of business described in the two examples above but operating as a Ltd Co would not be less than £450 and would be prepared annually.

All the above prices are based on fees for work prepared from information and explanations provided, and Self Employed pages are prepared from already balanced accounts supplied by you.

We would only undertake the preparation of partnership and Corporation tax returns from accounts that we have been engaged to prepare.

There is an extra £50 charge for each of the following – Rental Income, Self Employed Sub contractor on CIS to Sole Trader Tax Return, Capital Gains Tax (on sale of let property).

Please note all above prices are exclusive of VAT.