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14487120338_36ac64c309_zOnce you have decided that you need to use a bookkeeper you need to decide how much you are willing to pay for their services, so how much a professional bookkeeper should cost?

A lot depends on you, your business and the time you can allocate personally to doing the books.


Are you organised, methodical, and efficient in keeping at least your paperwork in some kind of organised structure? If so,  this will reflect in the cost.

For example if you keep all your receipts and invoices in a rough date order, maybe in an envelope for each month, and note on each receipt and invoice when and how it was paid this will help the bookkeeper.

Or, do you keep everything in the glove box of your van and empty it into a bag when its full, paying little attention to obtaining proper receipts for things like fuel, keeping only the credit /debit card slip?

This will increase the amount of time the bookkeeper needs to spend just on unfolding all the bits of paper and trying to match receipts /invoices with payments -and as every business person knows, time is money.

Your business

Does your business produce a lot of paperwork or very little?

Do you have a bank account that is used only for business transactions?

Do you pay for everything via the bank or are you heavily cash based.

How do you manage and account for cash?

Your time

Does the time you allocate to “doing the books” take you away from running the business or eat into your private family time. If this is the case how do you calculate that cost?

In essence a Bookkeeper will charge for the time taken doing the work. That could include collecting the records from you, unfolding all the receipts, organising the paperwork from the bag into some order and eventually using the information to record the financial transactions in the correct place. OR, it could be receiving a folder containing organised paperwork together with relevant bank statements and petty cash records and getting straight down to work.

At CC Associates we have a tried and tested system that we have used over many years. We sit down with you, either at your premises or ours and discuss your requirements. We then do a months bookkeeping for you from the paperwork you supply. We make suggestions as to how you could present the work differently if that is required and we give you a price based on actually doing your books. If you agree we have an ongoing partnership, if you want to walk away, just do so free of any charge. We believe it’s a good system and believe us when we tell you 99% of businesses stay with us.

So depending on you, your business, and the time you give to organising your paperwork, charges could be as little as £30 per month! Get in touch today if you would like one of our friendly team to give you a call or come to see you.

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